Test Your Gold Jewelry if it is Real

When picking jewelry items, what entices us is the color or the appearance. People are likely to choose jewelry made up of gold. But how certain are you that it is made of solid gold? Firstly, check if the jewelry item has a stamp or a mark. The stamp is usually placed inside of the ring or at the back of the item. The acid test, magnet test and unglazed ceramic test are some techniques used to test a gold jewelry.

The acid test is a traditional method performed by rubbing the gold jewelry against the testing stone. If the jewelry piece is a 14k, then a 14k acid solution is applied. If there is no change, then it is a 14k jewelry. If there is a change, then it is not 14k but probably a 10k so a 10k acid solution is applied. It is will soon bubble and if it turns green or smoke, then it is a non-gold item. The greatest services of cleaning comes from here. Check this important link and you can find this best company. They usually make a appointment to plan how to make your home new and fresh in look.

Another technique is the magnet test. Gold is not magnetic though somehow the magnet test is not 100% accurate. If the jewelry item reacts when a magnet is used, then it is not a real gold item. For the unglazed ceramic plat test, you needed an unglazed ceramic plate. To perform, scratch a part of the jewelry (not visible part when worn) against the surface of the plate. If the streak is gold, the jewelry is real gold. However, if the streak is black, then the jewelry is non-gold item. Click this link for this cleaning company. You may see page 淨麗美清潔 for more. This is great and nice company.