How to be Stylish for Good

Fashion is part of our life, isn’t it? When you want to live a cool and comfortable life, you can go with the fashion of the world. Fashion makes us happy and bright. Here are the tips on how you can have a good fashion.

  1. Beautiful Face

In order to be more beautiful, it’s better to use make-up. Of course even if you are already beautiful, when you use make up, you can still see the difference. You will look brighter and more attractive. Use lipstick that fits pleases you and suits you.

  1. Put on Jewelries

Decorate your body with jewelry in order to keep your charm and beauty. When you wear jewelry, naturally you will become attractive. This is also a fashion that never fades through out generations.

  1. Beautiful Shoes

Use beautiful shoes that can boost your confidence in walking, particularly high heeled shoes and sandals. Women are good when they use good shoes. In particular, use black and white shoes. This is not something new to us who are fond of fashion.

  1. Use one or two color for your garment

Colorful clothing is not really that fashionable. Black is a sexy color to women. This is true especially when you are a little bit chubby or fat. It can also emphasize your bright skin and white garment will emphasize your dark skin

  1. Hairstyle- Your hairstyle should be unique. Straight hair is not always the fashion. You can go with a little bit wavy hair and color lit with dark brown or brown.