The Highlight of Fashionable Designs

We see fashion everytime and everywhere. Year after year fashion industries prepare a show for the new and trending fashion. How long did it take you to understand fashion? Fashion highlights creativity. The creativity to work on pieces of fabrics, colors and shapes to produce outfits in different texture and design. Fashion is a form of art. It is the perfect way to expres unique personality and style. To achieve a pleasing and fashionable design, must put balance, harmony, rhythm, proportion and emphasis on the design.

Balance gives uniformity throughout the design. The color, texture and line are essential to have a good balance. The visual look of the design should stand out with the mixture of warm and cool colors, light and dark colors. Rhythm produces a sense of movement in a design, from one feature to another. This involves increasing or decreasing in color, size or shape, covergence of multiple lines, repetition of pattern, line, shape, color or texture. And this designing company will gonna help you, navigate here. Emphasis catches attention.

When emphasis is used in a design, a particular pattern should be prominent than others. Items for emphasis are usually accessories, tucks, buttons, belts, scarves and neckties. Fashionable clothing needs proportion, too. Meaning, it should have visual appeal to human body. It flatters the natural body of the wearer. Collars, buttons, pocket and trimmings should be in proportion to the overall size of garment. Harmony is achieved when there is a visual unity in the overall design.