What is in Fashion and Style?

What is the use of fashion in this age? Fashion can simply reveal our lifestyle and status in life. In the fashion was not paid attention to until celebrities and artist made it sprang in today’s generation.  All people have their own lifestyle and tastes in everything. The fact that fashion came out through dresses and accessories, we can definitely rationalize that fashion goes with how we carry out life daily. Whether you are wealthy or not, you can have your own style in dressing and decorating yourself.

Fashion makes us beautiful in our own way. The fashion that we have can reveal our personality to people who do not know us. Fashion is not to boast ourself to others but simply to make ourself happy. If we know that we have a fashion, it means we are aware of the trends around us. Not only dressing style will make us happy but also our lifestyle will change. Be sure that the fashion you follow will not disappoint someone important to you.

Fashion helps us appreciate the beauty of designing and matching. There are people who do not really care of what they wear. Probably they are not aware that a rubber shoes and a slacks is closes the eyes of other people. However, fashion will really help us match colors, design and styles that are really sometimes hard to so in daily life. So fashion is not simply showing off but proving yourself to be an artist not through pen but through your styles.