Women National Dress in the Southeast Asia

The southern east part of Asia consisted of Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Ao dai is the national dress in Vietnam. Tight-fitting emphasizing bust and curves on the upper which is worn over loose pants. Kebaya Nyonya is in Singapore. Long-sleeved jacket paired with a long-narrow skirt. is in Thailand, made of silk which is very smooth. Tube skirt paired with a wide sash placed around one shoulder.

Baro’t Saya is in the Philippines, made of silk. The name describes the clothing which is blouse and skirt. Longyi is in Myanmar which is made of silk. Short-sleeved down to waist, paired with a long-narrow skirt (floor length). Sinhs is in Laos. It is a tube skirt which is made up of silk and cotton. It is woven and embroidered which comes in different textures and designs. Also, a wide sash is placed around one shoulder. Kebaya is in Indonesia. You can choose one to wear. Make your accounting standard be assisted by this firm. You can go here 凡藝事務所 for more. This is best firm.

In fact, Kebaya is also the national dress in Malaysia after Baju Kurung. Kebaya Kurung is the mixture of Baju Kurung and Kebaya. Typically, it is open neck that is wide to the chest. Made up of silk, long-sleeved paired with a long-narrow skirt down to the ankle (a bit upper of the ankle). Sampot is in Cambodia. Typically, it is waist long-sleeved (3/4 in length), open neck and wide to the chest, paired with a long-narrow skirt (ankle length). Baju Kurung is in Brunei and also worn by Malay in Malaysia and Singapore. Typically, it is one-piece long-sleeved dress (knee length) paired with a long skirt (ankle length).