Wedding Fashion Across Asia Continent

As every country has different culture and tradition in Asia, food, music, lifestyle and others are different from each other. Fashion and style in clothing is not an exception.

Across Asia, you can see the difference in bag, in shoes, in upper part clothing, the way they pair each piece on the upper and on the lower part and so on. Even for casual or formal attire are different also.

Fashion in Asia is not only applicable for the casual look and formal appearance but also seen in wedding. In fact, the white dress dominates wedding fashion around the world and even in Asia. but aside from that, Asian wedding fashion is based on their traditional cultural gowns.








In Vietnam, they wear a long silk tunic over pants with a headdress called the Khan Dong. Red gown is commonly used because it is thought to bring good luck to couples.











In Thailand, the traditional dress is a wrap-around style. It is generally one-shouldered style with a sash and accompanied with an ornament on the head and neck. Pastels and creamier colors are the most common.





In India, a typical bridal gown is a midriff-baring blouse skirt and scarf in red silk. It is quite heavy due to the embroidery.

In Afghanistan, the traditional dress is usually bright and colorful with embroidery. Green colored gown is commonly because of its association with the paradise.

In Korea, the traditional dress is known as Hanbok. The shape is like a bell, multi-colored gown, comprised of a fitting jacket and a high-waisted skirt.