The Style and Beauties in Asia

Asia is a big continent divided into North, south, west and even southeast, northwest and so on. Trends in fashion come and go. Decades to decades or year by year, it changes. Fashion and style in Asia is dominated by China, Korea, Japan and Vietnam. Other countries have similarities with this but there are parts being influenced by the west style. Fashion and style in Asia is unique and some are some sort of weird but it is not much to say it is bad. It is just, it can be weird for those who will see it for the first time.

Fashion is sometimes depended on the culture of the country, its conservativeness or liberality. It can be affected by the influence of other nation. The Philippines’ fashion, taking for an example, is half influenced by western style. However, you can see the uniqueness in China, Korea, Japan and Vietnam.

On top of everything, here are some common fashion style in the whole Asia.

Wonderful dress that is fitted on the upper part and wide on the skirt part. It is used multi-purposely (for party, casual attire, dating). It is convenient to wear giving you fresh and cool feeling. Next piece is the oversized sweater that waist length, made of soft fabric. It can be paired with fitted jeans or skirts. Other fashion includes long t-shirt or long hooddie with very short shorts underneath or leggings. For smart or corporate casual, Asians usually used formal on the upper part such as polo, blouse and tight pants on the lower part.

Dresses and suits for formal features are exceptional. It will show the beauty of Asians across the world.